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Reminder -$5 off Tomorrow night [11 Mar 2010|04:13pm]

Remember less than 24 hours to RSVP to get $5 off at the door tomorrow
Black Tape For a Blue Girl
W/ Cassandra syndrome
$4 Guinness $6 Jameson
Moment of Noise in honor of Dirk


To get $5 off simply click
RSVP yes
then spread the word and save your friends $$$ also

REMEMBER $5 = a Guinness plus $1 remaining to tip
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Tuesday Night~ PDX Shoegaze night~ No Cover [16 Jul 2009|09:56pm]

[ mood | creative ]


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[AUTODRONE] Live at in concert, at Tonic : Thursday April 20th [17 Apr 2006|02:48am]



Autodrone has another show scheduled for this forthcoming Thursday evening (the 20th) at Tonic.
Tonic is a wonderful venue situated on 107 Norfolk Street between Delancey and Rivington Streets.
Our show time is set for 10pm on the nose, please don't be late.

Also playing are:
A Place to Bury Strangers
White Hills

Copies of our cd, "fuck your friends" are still available, so you can pick one up at the show!

"Though never have we seen, heard nor written of them, it becomes adjacently obvious that Autodrone hasten to deafen even the most prolific and renowned critics
you will hate music forever, Bravo!" - Christian Music Planet

We really hope to see you all there.
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BANANNA PIECE TONIGHT [18 Jan 2006|08:36pm]


Every Wed at Supreme Trading
DJ-Absetnt (A place to bury Strangers/ Death By Audio)
DJ-Bastard (Autodrone / Shithammered)

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Dance/Makeout Party at Supreme Trading Tonight! [07 Dec 2005|04:08pm]


So I’ve moved my Wed night party to the AWESOME supreme trading, and teamed up with DJ Oliver from A Place to Bury Strangers, and DJ Styleblaster from Prague who is widely known for single handedly inventing European house music.

We solemnly promise you Drink Specials ALL NIGHT LONG, No COVER!!, and up to 70% more sexiness than before!

Oliver and I will be spinning post-punk, dance-punk, noise-pop, and borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered 80s.

Please do attend what is sure to be an unforgettable event!


213. North 8th Street
Williamsburg Brooklyn

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[29 Jul 2005|09:29am]

join the ceremony email list
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Shake that graove thang [23 Jul 2005|08:00pm]

the offering
and varuna

@ THE burbon room

930pm, 21+, $5

216 william street
fredericksburg, va 22401

come have fun, drink a little, listen to great music
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[18 Jun 2005|09:10am]

check out these two bands
show your love for music

The Offering
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[15 Jun 2005|12:20am]

don't forget about tomorrow night

the burbon room
216 william street
dowtown fredericksburg

with the offering
and none other than

go tell your friends and your mom


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[24 May 2005|10:18pm]

Ceremony tomorrow night at the burbon room (upstairs of the Cafe New Orleans 216 William St. downtown Fredericksburg).
$3 or $5
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[23 May 2005|12:22am]

ceremony playing the burbon room (upstairs of the new orlean's cafe-corner of princess anne and william street of downtown fredericksburg)
may 25th
cover is either $3 or $5
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Autodrone Live -- Sunday May 15th at The Mercury Lounge [02 May 2005|04:04am]


So like we have this gig coming up and its at our very favoritest venue The Mercury Lounge, and its in two weeks on Sunday May 15th. We go on at 9:30pm, so you guys should all totally come because its totally not super late and its on a Sunday night. Who does anything on Sunday nights? well we do now, and hopefully you will too!

Kid Congo is a totally famous rock star and has played in bands like the cramps, the gun club, the bad seeds and a bunch more, he is awesome, and his band, "the pink monkeybirds" contains one jack martin who every member of my band is completely in love with. He plays in the dimestore dance ensemble, and you should also know who they are. Oh and shame on you if you didn't know that "pink monkey bird" is a bowie reference. The Pink Monkey Birds will totally blow your mind, this is some of Kid's best stuff, and he's done a lot. They play right after us at 10:30pm.

Autodrone, well if you really want to know more about us, than just go to our website at www.autodrone.com or our myspace page at www.myspace.com/autodrone We have a new record coming out soon. Oh, and in case you missed our last show, we got a violin player to play on a couple of songs, we tried her out live and it worked out wonderfully. She will be playing with us at this next one. We play at 9:30pm.

El Radio Fantastique is a band that a friend turned me on to. I saw them play at a club called One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans. I was immediately blown away by them. Picture the Bad Seeds being fronted by Jarvis Cocker. Yeah, they are seriously that good. They play at 8:30.

We did a gig last year with Randi Russo when we opened for Norwegian rock legends Madrugada. Randi is super cool and sings excellent folky indie songs, she sounds a little bit like patty smith or the velvet underground. She is well worth coming out early for and its also her cd release show. She plays at 7:30

So yeah, that's the rundown, If that's not a totally kick ass way to spend a sunday evening than I don't know what is.

Hope to see you there!


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[28 Apr 2005|05:47pm]

ceremony cancelled tonight but a place to bury strangers is still on the bill for tonight at the warehouse next door. 830ish or 9ish... its on 7th street NW in DC. it shall be rockin'.
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skywave reunited? [25 Apr 2005|09:28am]

ex skywave members will be in the same building for the first time in a long time.
ceremony (paul and john) and a place to bury strangers (olie) are playing on thursday in DC at the warehouse next door.

for more details go to http://www.warehousenextdoor.com/

hope to see you there. it will be an amazing night.
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show time [28 Mar 2005|10:40pm]

who: Ceremony (ex members of skywave)
when: this Saturday 4/2
time: 930ish
where: The Burbon Room (upstairs) of New Orleans Cafe
William street(corner of willam and princess anne)in downtown Fredericskburg, VA (adjacent with Hyperion)
guests: Stickfigure Powerhouse and She Bites Dogs
only 5 dollars
(Ceremony will either be 1st or 2nd...on)
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3/9/05 at mercury lounge [21 Feb 2005|05:13am]


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want some shoegaze [09 Feb 2005|02:25pm]

Ceremony (paul and john of skywave) playing with alcian blue? tonight at the Colonial Tavern (orbits) in downtown Fredericksburg, VA (on laffyette blvd across from kenmore ave).
start time: 930ish
price: 3 dollars
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Tiswas 2/5 [01 Feb 2005|09:04pm]

Hello There

The purpose of this email is to announce the next Autodrone show. It is your second one, so by now you should be fairly familiar with the following information.

Live and in person
at Don Hills for the world famous Tiswas Party.
511 Greenwich Street at the corner of Spring Street. NYC
10:30 PM

$5 Admission when you print this email, and show it to the person at the door.


The Fine Lines (9:30)
The Cloud Room (11:30)

Special Guest DJs from the global sensation Stellastar*
and your resident DJ NICK MARK.

Please re-post this email on your livejournal, blog, myspace/friendster things. We really love it when you do that, and have been known to buy those people drinks at shows, drive them to the airport, feed their cats, bail them out of prison, pick them up after having plastic surgery, and help settle their (growing) gambling debts.

See you this weekend!


P.S. Oh and if you haven't, check out the Autodrone Myspace page, it has some mp3s that you cant find anywhere else (that I know of). its at http://www.myspace.com/autodrone
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[19 Dec 2004|08:16pm]

i haven't updated this page in a while... and i am the moderator.. how dumb.
a couple of weekends ago i went to NYC to see my dear friend Olie and his band A Place to Bury Strangers. it was great. It was weird seeing Olie in a band other than Skywave... but they are awesome. Hopefully soon I can scan the pics I took and post them on here. Also...the ex memebers of Skywave that are still in Fredericksburg (Ceremony) are doing just as well. They played a show not too long ago here in town. They covered Slowdive-catch a breeze and it was amazing. Alcian Blue played with them as well. Amazing show.
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There is no Resolution [13 Dec 2004|08:15pm]

Hello Friends

Here's the lowdown

Friday, December 31 8:00 PM (7:30 PM doors)
Asobi Seksu plus
Other Passengers / The Winter Pageant / Levy / Stylofone / Autodrone

FREE champagne toast at midnight

Get there when doors open, this show is awesome and might fill up quick.

See you there.


Please repost this on your blog/livejournal/myspace/friendster thingy.
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