Jeremy Bastard (lebastard) wrote in skywave,
Jeremy Bastard

Autodrone Live -- Sunday May 15th at The Mercury Lounge

So like we have this gig coming up and its at our very favoritest venue The Mercury Lounge, and its in two weeks on Sunday May 15th. We go on at 9:30pm, so you guys should all totally come because its totally not super late and its on a Sunday night. Who does anything on Sunday nights? well we do now, and hopefully you will too!

Kid Congo is a totally famous rock star and has played in bands like the cramps, the gun club, the bad seeds and a bunch more, he is awesome, and his band, "the pink monkeybirds" contains one jack martin who every member of my band is completely in love with. He plays in the dimestore dance ensemble, and you should also know who they are. Oh and shame on you if you didn't know that "pink monkey bird" is a bowie reference. The Pink Monkey Birds will totally blow your mind, this is some of Kid's best stuff, and he's done a lot. They play right after us at 10:30pm.

Autodrone, well if you really want to know more about us, than just go to our website at or our myspace page at We have a new record coming out soon. Oh, and in case you missed our last show, we got a violin player to play on a couple of songs, we tried her out live and it worked out wonderfully. She will be playing with us at this next one. We play at 9:30pm.

El Radio Fantastique is a band that a friend turned me on to. I saw them play at a club called One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans. I was immediately blown away by them. Picture the Bad Seeds being fronted by Jarvis Cocker. Yeah, they are seriously that good. They play at 8:30.

We did a gig last year with Randi Russo when we opened for Norwegian rock legends Madrugada. Randi is super cool and sings excellent folky indie songs, she sounds a little bit like patty smith or the velvet underground. She is well worth coming out early for and its also her cd release show. She plays at 7:30

So yeah, that's the rundown, If that's not a totally kick ass way to spend a sunday evening than I don't know what is.

Hope to see you there!


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