Jeremy Bastard (lebastard) wrote in skywave,
Jeremy Bastard

Tiswas 2/5

Hello There

The purpose of this email is to announce the next Autodrone show. It is your second one, so by now you should be fairly familiar with the following information.

Live and in person
at Don Hills for the world famous Tiswas Party.
511 Greenwich Street at the corner of Spring Street. NYC
10:30 PM

$5 Admission when you print this email, and show it to the person at the door.


The Fine Lines (9:30)
The Cloud Room (11:30)

Special Guest DJs from the global sensation Stellastar*
and your resident DJ NICK MARK.

Please re-post this email on your livejournal, blog, myspace/friendster things. We really love it when you do that, and have been known to buy those people drinks at shows, drive them to the airport, feed their cats, bail them out of prison, pick them up after having plastic surgery, and help settle their (growing) gambling debts.

See you this weekend!


P.S. Oh and if you haven't, check out the Autodrone Myspace page, it has some mp3s that you cant find anywhere else (that I know of). its at
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