Killer Rock and Roll

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This community was created to keep you updated on Skywave, members of Skywave's side projects (Ceremony and A Place to Bury Strangers) and the bands they play with. You may talk about the shows you go to, Oliver Ackerman's effects petals, what you think about the band, and post shows.

community was created and is moderated by emeraldfarie also know as mybloodyvalntne

"Taking waves of feedback and noise and arranging it into pop songs. Chainsaw guitars and driving beats in a dark and depressed world. Gloomy and on the edge of breaking up."

"Heady, surreal, and bold, "Echodrone" is high concept and lo-fi in the best garage tradition. Reverb is used with reckless abandon as though slung by Jackson Pollock. This is a record to lose yourself in. Slap on the headphones and close your eyes. No drugs necessary."

"This band floats through a mind-expanding, pop/rock time warp, and listening to them do this is hypnotic. Some songs, like “Slow in Space,” fade in as we join them in progress. The short pauses between songs are like waking up from a dream and immediately falling back asleep, picking the dream back up where we left off."